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Dragon Quest

Book 1 of Dragon Keepers

Katira is living three lives.
One as a big sister to her family who rely on her for everything, another as a servant in the royal castle and the third as a thief. 
When she is given yet another to add to the list it takes her on a hectic search to rob a dragon. The only person she can rely on for help is someone who has the power to destroy everything she holds dear.
Will this quest be too much for Katira and will she have to return home empty-handed with her other three lives in tatters as well?

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Dragon Clan

Book 1 of Dragons of Avenir

Mika is a fire-dragon who lives with the ice-dragons; a long ago arrangement from a war between dragons. When the future of all dragons is threatened it is up to Mika and his rival Rayn to go in search of the elusive salt that sustains their existence.

Here are just a few of my stories - Check out the books page to see them all and for links to buy them!

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Mountains of Fire

Book 1 of Dragon Charmers

Logan lives with Zared, an elderly and absentminded wizard in Shanoria - the Kingdom of Dragons, and his closest friend is Alyxa, a dragon charmer - one of those with a gift of soothing and commanding wild dragons to obey human commands. But not all dragons in Shanoria are tame - and when the feral Reds kidnap the crown prince Logan and Alyxa are thrust into a fast-paced adventure against their will. They soon learn that the Red dragons are plotting to create a volcanic upheaval that will make the world hot, fiery and free of humans, so they can rule supreme - and Logan, Alyxa and the obnoxious prince Myles have to enlist the help of the white dragon, Silverhorn as they seek the legendary Dragon heart that will set off the cataclysm before it falls into the hands of the evil Firetongue - leader of the reds.

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The Dragon's Apprentice

Book 1 of Dragon Valley

There's something odd about 12 year old Toby, and it's not just his purple eyes or his amazing ability to talk to Klel, the dragon tied up in the castle courtyard. He's been sacked from every job at the castle and his new job as page to the mysterious Prince Blaise is his last chance to avoid a cold winter in the poorhouse. Then Toby learns a terrible secret that Blaise holds in a stone pendant and the prince's deadly plans for Klel. But Toby finds he has amazing skills that might just be able to help...

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Jasper and the Well of Wizdom

Book 1 of Wish

Jasper Street was used to danger but lately he had far more of it than he wanted. Now a disgraced clairvoyant and on the run from some rather ruthless thugs, Jasper thought things couldn't get much worse. But when he chances across a mysterious coin he discovers that his talents for telling the future did not extend to his own! Trapped in a world where everyone expects him to be their saviour, Jasper struggles to save himself, let alone an entire world that he hadn't even known existed.

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The Stonekeeper's Daughter

Nakita, the Stonekeeper’s daughter, lives in a remote village high on Eagle Rock. Her father guards four sacred stones and conducts mysterious experiments for his master. Cut off from the outside world, Nakita longs to see what lies below the mountain. She hears the whispering voices in the stones but when she gives in to her curiosity and picks up one of them her life changes forever. Then her village is discovered by two strangers she is forced to flee into the valley below where she discovers the world is much stranger than she ever imagined.

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Seventh Son

Jaxon is the seventh son of a seventh son.  He WAS an apprentice wizard - until he made a huge mess and was banished by his master, Wizard Argus.  A year later, travelling with Smokey, a troublemaking young dragon, he finds out someone is putting up wanted posters of him.  Who wants him and why?  Jaxon finds that someone is stealing magic and if they aren't stopped the world will begin to fall apart. Only the desert witch can help! 

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Maze Keepers

What lives beyond the border? Something is following Quin...  When Quin is called up to be a keeper of the Maze he knows there will be trouble. He is the only one in his entire world who can't do any magic - what use could he be?  But something is wrong - the border is failing and the Maze will soon take over the entire land...  Quin must go in search of the Keeper of the Maze before it is too late

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The Last Star

Nix is a boy with a secret – a secret that even he doesn’t know!  When a golden dragon ship lands on his island, Nix's life is changed forever. Can he save the islands from falling - or will the dragons come back to life and destroy them all?  A tale of magic, dragons, friendship and discovering a secret that changes everything!

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