Linda McNabb

Fantasy Books for All Ages

For the Love of Dragons

I knew the first time I read a book about dragons that I was hooked.
Just what it was about them that appealed I have no idea. 
I’m more of a cat person and am certain that my cat rules the house, dogs – well, I keep my distance unless I know they’re friendly. Birds, mice, hamsters… not a chance.  So why am I so hooked on dragons? Is it the fact that they’re mythical and unobtainable? Has anyone actually seen a live dragon – except for the lizard variety that live in deserts.
So, where did the myth of dragons begin and why do millions of otherwise quite sane adults feel the need to read and live their lives in the stories of dragons?
For me, I don’t really care any more. I read every book on dragons I could find, and when I ran out, I started writing my own.  These days there are more books on dragons than I could ever hope to read in a lifetime – but I’m going to give it a try!
If someone actually gave me a live dragon I’d be the happiest person alive – but for now, I’ll live in my happy dragon alter-world.  If you’re a dragon-lover like me, please join me in my dreams…


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