Linda McNabb

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A Thousand Words

They say a picture tells a thousand words. So it stands to reason that the cover of a book should tell a story too? How much do you base your decision to buy a book by the cover alone? If it’s not an appealing cover do you even read the story blurb?

When a person buys a book, they’re not paying for a bunch of words strung together, they’re buying an experience, a journey to somewhere else, a memory to remember fondly (one hopes!).

A cover of a book is part and parcel of the entire experience and getting it right for the audience who would enjoy the book is very important.

If a child sees a book with a single image on the cover, would it tell them enough about the story to get them to look closer? Does it tell a thousand words? An older reader may look past a less than appealing cover if they know the author and sometimes prefer a more symbolic cover (e.g. Twilight, Hunger Games) that isn’t always apparent to ‘why’ it was chosen until after you have read the story.

How much importance do you put on the cover of a book, and would you buy a book with a cover you didn’t like? Does it have to depict a scene from inside the book? Does a series have to all ‘look’ similar?

For me, I have to like the cover, I like the scene to give a good indication of age, content etc, and I definitely like a series to look good next to each other.
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